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Thu Apr 8 02:28:32 CEST 2004


> >I have a reference that should have an accent over an i in 'Garcia'.
> >This form:
> >
> >    Garc\'{i}a
> >
> >works, but there is a dot on the i in addition to the accent.
> To get a dot-less "i" in Plain TeX you use \i, so:
> Garc\'\i a
> (Note the space between the i and the a).

Lovely!  That worked!!!  To join the 'a' back in I needed to use {}

 and F. J. {Garc\'\i{}a de Abajo}
 and F. J. {Garc\'{\i}a de Abajo}",

both worked.

> In LaTeX I believe you can get pre-composed letter+diacritical by 
> using a T1 encoding, which you can get by putting:
> \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
> in the preamble. I'm by no means an expert though, so I can't 
> guarantee it will (although it works in TeXShop on my Mac).

Too much trouble ...

> I'm dearly hoping easy Unicode use will come with the next major 
> LaTeX revision, but for now I've been too intimidated to dip into it; 
> ConTeXt is supposedly better with it but I find the documentation for 
> the implementation too spare for a newbie like myself.

Unicode with LaTeX would be interesting, though I'm not sure how one
would type it on a standard keyboard.

> Hope this helps.

Yup, thanks!!!  I hope you don't mind my posting this - others
need not respond now.

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