[texhax] a question on making slide by Latex

Lei Liu liulei at l.imap.itd.umich.edu
Mon Jul 28 00:51:14 CEST 2003

Hi there,

I had a problem when I tried to make slide by Latex. I use Winedt in 
Windows XP and I fully installed MikTex. I used the following codes in my 
source code:


This is the error message when I tried to "latex" my source code:

Implicit mode ON; LaTex internal redefined
<C:|Program Files\texmf\tex\latex\ltxmisc\url.sty>>
  *hyperref using driver hpdftex*
<C:|Program Files\texmf\tex\latex\hyperref\hpdeftex.def
  !Undefined control sequence.
  1.320 \pdfoutput

I checked the hpdeftex.def file and delete the line "\pdfoutput=1", but 
then some other error message emerges. I don't know how to make it work. 
Your help is greatly appreciated!!!


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