[texhax] help on Bibtex

LN Bhusal lnbhusal at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 26 11:29:58 CEST 2003

I am a new user of Latex. I am doing fine with
everything except bibliography. I am using PCTEX32 in
windows xp. I am using REVTEX4 aps format ( a format
for american physical society).

I am using following command to generate bibliography:
\bibliography{apssamp}% Produces the bibliography via

\bibliographystyle{apsrev} % Choose Phys. Rev. style
for bibliography

I have the "apssamp.bib" and "apsrev.bst" files in the
directory in which I am working.
There is also a "myfile.aux" file generated in the
same directory while running the typesetting, where
"myfile.tex" is the name of the file I am working on.
When I typesetting first time, it never gives any
warning for cross-referencing. When I run the Bibex,
it says "I can't open the file C:\myfile.aux.
So no reference finally in the document.

Please help me to resolve that problem.


Lekhnath Bhusal

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