[texhax] Math version 'bold' is not defined.

Jim Lane jimlane at cs.toronto.edu
Fri Jul 25 14:40:12 CEST 2003

Hi, All

I have 2 versions of TeX in my environment, teTeX which I sort of understand 
and a 10+ year old thing called tex3 which I don't. I have a user who tried 
to format an old document that works on the old version under teTeX. When he 
does this he gets an error message as follows:

  Math version 'bold' is not defined. 

If he types "s" for silent mode and presses enter at that point the document 
formats correctly. 
I think this is being caused by something in the "amssymb" package which he is 
including. I wonder if anybody can suggest what might be going wrong here. It 
would be a bit of a pain for users to have to always be dealing with error 
messages that don't seem to really be errors. 

Jim Lane
Dept of Computer Science
University of Toronto 

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