[texhax] Some Naive \halign questions

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jul 24 09:53:43 CEST 2003

    It seems they both favor leaving the \vrule on its own in the preamble,

Knuth writes in that section about giving rules their own entry, so that
you can say stuff like First Entry&width 4pt&Second Entry to get an
extra thick rule if you want.

But for a particular table in a particular document, if that flexibility
is not needed, then there's no harm in incorporating the rules into
entries before and after, at least I can't think of any.  DEK was just
being educational.

    Finally, how does one judge a TeXpert? 

For starters, TeXnician is a better title :). See exercise 1.1.

    Seriously. I notice TUG posts jobs, 
    and while I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for serious TeXing yet, I'd
    like to see some idea of what they expect you to be able to do.

1) Some of the jobs have links to more information.
2) Check out http://tug.org/consultants.html, which is a list of people
   offering TeX services, that will give you an idea of the competition :).

BTW, if anyone here wants to be listed on consultants.html and/or
included in TUGboat, or has jobs to post, just email webmaster at tug.org.

Happy TeXacking,

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