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Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sat Jul 19 09:54:28 CEST 2003

it has been suggested, by one of our resident net-nannies, that i was
excessively brusque in my previous response to your post.  i'm
rerunning it here, hoping that a little more detail will prove useful.

  > I'm using TeXLive but have several problems. 
  > It would be appreciative if I can recieve information on
  >  How to use BiBTex with TeXLive
  > Is there any TeXLive user emailing list where users share ideas? 
  what is there that's difficult, given the documentation?

which is to say, "btxdoc", which should be on your system.  if you're
running a un*x-sort of system, the command "texdoc btxdoc" will give
it you.  googling for that should find a net copy pretty quickly, or
google for "bibtex documentation" and ignore anything about
programming bibtex styles.

  is it something about the platform you're using?

when asking a question about a multi-platform thing, always mention
what system you're using.  so "i'm using texlive on a linux system" or
"i'm using texlive on a win98 system" would be more useful.  (for
example, i tend not to be much help for people using texlive on
windows, but there are plenty on this list who could help.)

  texhax (the mailing list you've ended up on) is as good a mailing list
  as any to discuss trivial problems like yours, but if you prefer
  usenet, there's always comp.text.tex

if you look around on your texlive system, you'll find a frozen
version of the faq mentioned in the footer of all texhax messages.
look on the web for latest details of things (or the latest my feeble
mind can manage), and subscribe to texhax for your best chance of
help, unless (as i said) you want to chance your arm on comp.text.tex

all texhax mailings contain a footer:

  TeX FAQ: http://faq.tug.org/
  Human mailing list managers: postmaster at tug.org
  Automated subscription management: http://tug.org/mailman/listinfo/texhax

(i suspect you haven't otherwise seen it.)

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