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At 03:38 PM 7/14/2003 +0100, Harish S. Bhanderi wrote:
>Hi Manoj and Herbet,
>Many thanks for your email. I apologies for not being explicit about the
>problem and so I don't want to reset any counters in Appendix or anything
>like that. The problem is:
>I have written an equation in the introduction. In the dvi output, it is
>numbered 1.64, say. Now in the appendix, I want to refresh the reader's
>mind and rewrite the same equation. As it not a new equation, I wanted it
>numbered 1.64 rather than A-73, say. I have seen this sort of thing done
>in books but I don't know how to do it. Please advise.
         This will do it, but you should add stuff to restore the equation 
numbering in the Appendix, if necessary, and you may want to use some of 
the stuff from my previous email if you want numbers like (1.64).



A = B

\section{New Section}

A = B

Later on...

A = B

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