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At 12:10 PM 7/14/2003 +0100, Harish S. Bhanderi wrote:
>I've been looking for a latex-help message board but haven't found one.
>Please could you direct me to such a website. I have the following
>I would like to rewrite an equation later on in a document, for example in
>an appendix. However, I want to use the same number as when it was first
>written. For example, when first written the equation appears as 1.1 in
>the .dvi file, I would like the equation in the appendix to have the same
>number i.e 1.1 rather than A-1. But I don't know how to do it. Any ideas?
>Many thanks in advance.
>Harish Bhanderi
         I don't know how you produce (1.1), but here's one way, and one 
way to repeat it later:

\def\@eqnnum{{\normalfont \normalcolor (\thesection.\theequation)}}


A = B

\mysection{New Section}

A = B

Later on...

A = B

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