[texhax] table*

claudia urschl claudia.urschl at aiub.unibe.ch
Fri Jul 11 17:54:05 CEST 2003

Thanks. Yes, I tried this already. That doesn't work completely. The
table doesn't move to the next page. It moves to the next but one page.
I don't no why. There is no text between the clearpage command and the
There must be a problem with the correct order of the figures in a
twocolumn style. All figures covering one page appear one after the
other, but figures (or tables) covering both columns are out of this
rule and appear earlier then figures defined before.
Any ideas why?


John Wheeler schrieb:
> Did you try putting a
> \clearpage
> command immediately after the call for the figure and before the
> implementation of the table?  That should force output of the figure(s)
> before setting the table.  That's been very helpful when other gentle
> attempts to get figures where I want them have failed.
> John Wheeler
> jcw at chemj2.ucsd.edu

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