[texhax] table*

claudia urschl claudia.urschl at aiub.unibe.ch
Fri Jul 11 10:46:43 CEST 2003

Hi latex experts,

I am writing a two column article in latex and have the following
problem concering floatobjects:

What I want to get:
- one page filled up with pictures without text
- and on the NEXT page: at the top a table with table* (over two
columns) and text 

What I get:

- the page containing the table and text BEFORE the page filled with

So the particular pages are looking fine. There seems to be no problem
conserning: floatpagefractions etc... But I want to change the order of
the pages: first: pictures, second: table + text

I tried to force the table page to show up after the picture page, but
then the whole table page is not filled up with text but blank and the
text appears later on a seperate page. The problem might probably be
attributd to the "table*" environment. For a table covering only one of
the two columns within the "table" environment there is no problem.

What I tried:

- \setcounter{totalnumber}{10}
- \renewcommand{\textfraction}{0.0}
- \renewcommand{\topfraction}{1}
- \renewcommand{\dbltopfraction}{1}
- \renewcommand{\bottomfraction}{1}
- \renewcommand{\dbltopfraction}{1}
- \renewcommand{\dblfloatpagefraction}{1}

- \afterpage{\clearpage}

- every possible combination of the optional positioning arguments
[htbp] and without these arguments

Is there any idea how to solve this problem? Thanks.

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