[texhax] Problem with graphix inclusion in LaTeX

Douglas Hespe hespe at acay.com.au
Fri Jul 11 10:27:06 CEST 2003

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On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 01:46:41PM +0200, zacharia wrote:
> Dear LaTeX experts,
> Till one hour back, every thing was just fine. I have a tex file with 
> some figures. It compiled under winedt (Editor) with out any problem. I 
> made some changes in one of the figures (to be exact, made a new figure 
> in Coral Draw and exported as PS), and included in the tex file. While 
> compiling , I am getting following error message.
> !Latex Error: Cannot determine size of the graphic in 
> AntoinesfittoNap.eps (no Boundingbox).........
> where AntoinesfittoNap is my file name. I opened the picture in the 
> GSView and could see the bounding box. I am sure that I have followed 
> same procedure to create other graphcis which are working perfect!
> So I dont think this is the problem with the editor too?
> This drives me a bit nuts....
> If any of you can help trouble shooting, will be deeply appreciated
There are two steps to the solution:
(1) When you open Antoines* in GSView make a note of the lower left
coordinates by hovering your mouse-pointer at that corner (the
coordinates are reported in the little box at the side of GSView) then
do the same for the upper right coordinates.
(2) Open up your file in a text editor and insert after the
    %%CreationDate line the following:
    %%BoundingBox: 98 513 462 804
where 98 and 513 (for example) are the x and y coordinates of the lower
left corner and 462 and 804 are for the upper right.

Your Latex file should then be able to import the file with no

HTH, Doug.

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