[texhax] Problem with graphix inclusion in LaTeX

Randolph J. Herber herber at dcdrjh.fnal.gov
Thu Jul 10 12:06:09 CEST 2003

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|Dear LaTeX experts,

|Till one hour back, every thing was just fine. I have a tex file with
|some figures. It compiled under winedt (Editor) with out any problem. I
|made some changes in one of the figures (to be exact, made a new figure
|in Coral Draw and exported as PS), and included in the tex file. While
|compiling , I am getting following error message.

|!Latex Error: Cannot determine size of the graphic in
|AntoinesfittoNap.eps (no Boundingbox).........

|where AntoinesfittoNap is my file name. I opened the picture in the
|GSView and could see the bounding box. I am sure that I have followed
|same procedure to create other graphcis which are working perfect!
|So I dont think this is the problem with the editor too?

|This drives me a bit nuts....
|If any of you can help trouble shooting, will be deeply appreciated

|Thanks a lot in advance,


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What you have is not a LaTeX problem.  What you have is a failure to read
and follow the instructions problem.  gsview does not _give_ the bounding
box data.

%%BoundingBox: llx lly urx ury

llx lly urx ury are two corners of the Bounding Box measured in Adobe
PostScript points, i.e., 1/72".  The numbers must be integer to be correct.

ll := lower left
ur := upper right

If the file does not contain such a (D)ocument (S)tructuring (C)omment
before the %%EndComments comment, then it is missing the bounding box.

You have several choices: do not use the figure at all, correct the
figure's file or add the bounding box data to the LaTeX file per the
package's documentation.


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