[texhax] LaTeX hangs up with $(\ref{label})$ and [spanish]{babel}

Juan Ignacio Montijano monti at unizar.es
Wed Jul 9 09:26:59 CEST 2003

Thanks for the answers.   Since it seems to be a "bug" perhaps the next 
version of the Spanish babel can take care of it.

> > It is not a problem, but if you do not know the reason why the program
> > hungs up you cal lose quite a lot of time.
>Why would you want \ref{...} inside a math environment anyway?  The problem
>is easily solved by placing the \ref{...} inside an \mbox{}.
>Cheers,  Phil

In fact I do not need to write \ref{}  inside a math environment.  I was 
converting an old plain TeX document to  a LaTeX one.   In the old document 
I had a reference  $(3.1_1)$ and I changed automatically  3.1_1 by 
\ref{...} and I lost a lot of time investigating the reason of my problems.

Juan Ignacio

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