[texhax] [mailman] Watermark ! How too !?

Alexandre Panosso Vieira panosso at gnusp.org
Mon Jul 7 16:24:06 CEST 2003

    Hello, my name is Alexandre Panosso (from Brasil) and I was looking
    for a Tex help when I found this mail list !    I'm having a problem to make a watermark in one documment . . . I
    tryed the \watermark{BODY} command but there were some problems. . .
    .first at all the text in the BODY's place cold not be change to a big
    size withe the \fontsize command.  . . so that I tryed to put a
    picture in there with the \includegraphics command. . . but i does not
    work at all ! ! !
    Can you or some body else give me a help !?

    Thanks !

Panosso Vieira, Alexandre
Engenharia Elétrica São Carlos

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