[texhax] TUGboat 22:4 shipped to printer this date

Mimi Burbank mimi at csit.fsu.edu
Thu Jul 3 12:24:27 CEST 2003

I'm pleased to announce that I shipped the December 2001
issue of TUGboat to the printer today.   The contents are 
as follows: 

                 Volume 22, Number 4    December 2001

Addresses                                                       257
General Delivery
   Arthur Ogawa
        From the Board of Directors                             261
   Barbara Beeton
        Editorial comments                                      263
            The status of TUGboat; Glitches in TUGBoat 22:1/2
            Zapfest exhibition, honoring Hermann Zapf;
            Mordecai Richler font; References for TeX and Friends;
            Institut d'Histoire du Livre;
            More historic books online at the British Library;
               Web document analysis; The little tugboat that could

Electronic Documents
   D.P. Story
        execJS: A new technique for introducing
          discardable JavaScript into a PDF file from
          a LaTeX source                                       265
   Michel Goossens
        LaTeX, SVG, fonts                                       269
   John Forkosh
	mimeTex announcement					280

Font Forum
   Karl Berry
        Making outline fonts from bitmap images                 281

Software & Tools 
   Shinsaku Fujita and Nobuya Tanaka
	Size reduction of chemical structural formulas 
	   in XyMTeX (Version 3.00)				285
   Rolf Niepraschk and Herbert Voss
        The package ps4pdf: from PS to PDF                    	290
   Jonathan Fine
	Instant Preview and the TeX daemon			292

Graphics Applications
   Denis Roegel
	Space geometry with MetaPost				298
   Jana Voss and Herbert Voss
	The plot functions of pst-plot				314
   Herbert Voss
	Three dimensional plots with pst-3dplot			319
   Alexander R. Perlis
	Axis alignment in Xypic diagrams			330
   Christian Obrecht
	Eukleides: A geometry drawing language			334

Book Review
   Stephen Moyed
	TeX Reference Manual, by David Bausum			338

Hints & Tricks
   Peter Wilson
	Glisterings						339
   William Adams
	The treasure chest					341
   David M. Tulett
	Highlighting in the LaTeX picture environment		349

   Alexander R. Perlis
	A complement to \smash, \llap, and \rlap		350

   John Burt
	Typesetting critical editions of poetry			353
   Didier Verna
	CV formatting with CurVe 				361

  Les Cahiers GUTenberg, Contents of double 
	issue 39/40 (May 2001)					365

News & Announcements
  TUG'2002 Announcement						368
  Calendar							369
  TUG'2003 Announcement						371
  EuroTeX'2003 The 14th European TeX Conference			372

   Roy Preston
	Ya can't touch us!					260

TUG Business
  Institutional members						373
  TUG membership application					374

  TeX consulting and production services			375
  Just Published: TeX Reference Manual by David Bausum		376
  Blue Sky Research						cover3

Mimi Burbank
(for the TUGboat production team)

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