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At 02:32 PM 7/3/2003 +0100, Jo Goodger wrote:
>I have compiled this file about 6 times and still I have no contents in
>the table of contents.  From the books that I have read, LaTeX is suppose
>to search the .tex file for sectioning and captions in tables and figures,
>and write a \contentsline command to the .toc (or .lof, .lot) file.  I
>have a .toc file containing this information but it is not appearing in
>the postscipt file .ps
         Does it appear in the .dvi file?
         In a case like this, I would comment out everything between 
\begin{document} and \tableofcontents, and see if that works. If so, put 
stuff back in, one command at a time. If not, put an \end{document} after 
the first section title, and try again. Eventually, you must get to a 
situation in which the command works. If not, you must have a corrupted 


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