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Jo Goodger jo at ing.iac.es
Thu Jul 3 15:32:53 CEST 2003


I have compiled this file about 6 times and still I have no contents in
the table of contents.  From the books that I have read, LaTeX is suppose
to search the .tex file for sectioning and captions in tables and figures,
and write a \contentsline command to the .toc (or .lof, .lot) file.  I
have a .toc file containing this information but it is not appearing in
the postscipt file .ps

Here is the header files and initial part of my report with sections

\markright{\it{J.Goodger, A Study of H {\sc ii} regions}}
%\renewcommand{\thepage}{A\theappend -- \arabic{page}}
%\RequirePackage{lscape}     ;
\RequirePackage{plain}          %  allows doublespacing control
\RequirePackage{setspace}       %  allows doublespacing control
\newcommand{\etal}[0]{{\em et~al}.\@\xspace}
\newcommand{\eg}[0]{{\em e.g}.\@\xspace}
                              \ifx\testbx\f at series

\vskip 250pt
\title{\huge{\textbf{A Study of the Complete Populations of \\ H {\sc ii}
Regions in Late-Type Spiral Galaxies}}}
\vskip 150pt
\author{{\textbf{Joanna Goodger}}\\ \\  Physics Department \\ Queen Mary,
University of London  \\  London, E1 4NS }
\date{$12^{th}$ June, 2003}
\vskip 250pt
Project Supervisors:    \= Dr. A. Zurita, ING, La Palma, Spain\\
                \> Prof. G. Thompson, QMUL, London, UK\\
\thispagestyle{empty}   % This to stop page no. on first page.


A study of H$\alpha$ equivalent widths, H$_{\alpha}$ and continuum
luminosities of complete populations of H {\sc ii} regions in a sample
of 4 spiral galaxies, NGC 157, NGC 3359, NGC 1313 and NGC 1530 to
investigate evidence for density bounding and their evolution.  An in
depth analysis of the method used to calculate the equivalent width is
performed to probe how realistic the results are.

\caption{N11 is a compact H{\sc ii} region in the Large Magellanic Cloud,
LMC.  This image was taken with the Hubble Space Telescope, HST, as is in
true colour.}



\vspace*{0.5 true cm}
{\huge {\bf A Study of the Complete Populations of \\ H {\sc ii}
Regions in Late-Type Spiral Galaxies}}
\vspace*{0.5 true cm}



I hope that this helps, 

Thanks, Joanna

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Philip G. Ratcliffe wrote:

> > ... I need some advise on the \tableofcontents command in LaTeX.
> > According to the liturature that I have read, this command produces the
> > .toc file, containing the information for the table of contents.  This is
> > true however, I cannot get the information to print to the postscipt file.
> > The .toc file contains the correct information, but on the document, as
> > seen in ghostview on Unix, there is the Title 'Contents' but no table.
> What you say is odd, but you give so little detail that it is impossible to
> say where the problem is (sorry, I left my crystal ball at home today).
> How about including the opening lines of your LaTeX file, i.e., up to and
> including the first \section command, say?
> Actually, gazing into the glass marble I keep in my pocket for emergencies,
> I see that you either
> 1.  didn't run LaTeX twice, necessary to read in the .toc file, or
> 2.  put the \tableofcontents in the preamble and ignored the error messages,
> right?
> Cheers,  Phil

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