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Pavel Minev Penev kal_pav at sz.techno-link.com
Wed Jul 2 00:36:49 CEST 2003

On Tue, Jul 01, 2003 at 04:43:28PM +0200, Jeroen Wijnhout wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 July 2003 15:47, Philip G. Ratcliffe wrote:
> > > So... in what format have I saved my files into? :-[ is it
> > > UTF-8?  How can I "convert" them back into ASCII?
> >
> > So, you're right!  As I haven't got a Linux box at the moment,
> > I don't know what to suggest for conversion (tappa il naso e
> > accendi Windogs per due minuti).


> I would suggest Kile for editing LaTeX documents with Linux. Kile is a bit 
> like WinEdt (but Kile is free!) and it can handle the conversion from latin1 
> to utf8 or whatever you want. 

To tell "vim" use "latin1" as a file encoding and buffer encoding, add
these lines to either your <~/.vimrc> (per-user settings), or
</etc/vimrc> (global settings) [Note: Although the noted paths are most
likely the right ones, they are prone to ditribution dependence.]

[ -- begin vimrc quotation: <-----------------------------------------]
" set the file and buffer encoding to "latin1" for *TeX files:
au BufRead *.tex		set fileencodings=latin1 encoding=latin1
au BufNewFile *.tex		set fileencodings=latin1 encoding=latin1
[ -- end vimrc quotation: |-------------------------------------------]

And be sure to read the output of vim's ":help encoding",
":help fileencoding", and ":help fileencodings".

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