[texhax] graphics in LaTeX

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Tue Jul 1 12:14:09 CEST 2003

> I have been using LaTeX for a long time, but I am still unable to do
> some graphics in LaTeX.  Can you suggest an easy to use graphics program
> compatible with LaTeX?  I'm presently working on a project to include
> figures from Microsoft Word into a LaTeX document.

Well, not a lot of information to go on there!

Anyway, since Word itself doesn't "do" figures, I assume you have them in
some other format.

A rather easy way to include non-postscript graphics in LaTeX is to use the
application jpeg2ps (obtainable from CTAN) to enclose a .jpg file in a
postcript "wrapper", which merely means that a suitable boundingbox is added
and the file gets called filename.eps.

IrfanView (http://www.irfanview.com/) is a wonderful utility for viewing,
modifying and changing the format of various image file types (.bmp, .tif,
.jpg, .wmf and many, many more).

You simply \usepackage{graphics} and then use \includegraphics{filename}
anywhere in your file.  The command is well documented.

Cheers,  Phil

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