[texhax] Re:\noalign{\nobreak} seems not work!

Rodolfo Medina romeomedina at libero.it
Sat Aug 30 22:14:52 CEST 2003

Ian Collier wrote:

>I suppose if you want to prevent a line-break only at some places in
>your alignment then you could hack it with something like:
>\def\disallowbreak{\global\interdisplaylinepenalty=10000 }
>\def\allowbreak{\global\interdisplaylinepenalty=100 }
>then you can allow or disallow breaks at will.

Your kind suggestion did work, actually, by typing
just before \cr, at the end of the line after which I wanted to prevent the
page break;
but with a strange (for me) undesired side effect:
the line was moved away onto the next page, and at its place a big empty
space remained,
without the current page was streched at all. That is, the line was simply
cut off from the current page.
Why did TeX not strech the current page as it usually does, and how could it
be possible
(if it could be) to work this out?


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