[texhax] trouble including EPS figure

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Tue Aug 26 03:41:30 CEST 2003

I know this topic has been done to death, but the information in the archives 
didn't solve my problem.

I am running MikTex on Win98, using TextPad as editor for .tex file.
using {graphics} package

I drew Figure1 in OpenOffice.org 1.1RC1, and then exported it as EPS format

I try to include the figure with the following lines in the .tex file:

		\caption{The temporal course of different types of headache}

I get the following message from LaTeX:

"Cannot determine size of graphic in Figure1.eps (no BoundingBox)"

Now, I don't know anything about Bounding Boxes.  But I did open my Figure1.eps 
in TextPad and found the following lines:

Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0 
%%Pages: 0
%%Creator: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
%%Title: none
%%CreationDate: none
%%BoundingBox: 0 0 433 594
%%LanguageLevel: 1

So why doesn't LaTeX find the BoundingBox?  And how can I make it work?

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