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Daniel Savard dsavard at cids.ca
Thu Aug 21 09:42:35 CEST 2003

I suggest you use the layout package to draw the margins and other
useful layout values in order to compare you odd and even pages layouts.
You simply need the \usepackage{layout} declaration in the preamble and
use the \layout on the first page, then \newpage and \layout again. The
result will be a nice draw of your layouts. In fact, I can already say
your \evensidemargin value is wrong. This value is extra horizontal
space added to the 1 inch margin calculated from the left side of the
page on an even page. So, it has the effect to shift to the right the
entire text content. You may need to use a negative magin there.

Le mer 20/08/2003 à 06:40, tom.lyford at panalytical.com a écrit :
> Hello,
>            I don't know whether you can help me - but here goes. I am just 
> coming to the end of writing my thesis, hoorah, and the graduate school 
> have said double sided theses are OK. Right, so my thesis.tex file looks 
> like this: 
> \documentclass[11pt,a4paper,twoside]{report}    %% LaTeX2e document.
> \usepackage{wthesis}            %% Preamble.
> \usepackage{graphicx}
> %\usepackage{ulem}
> \setcounter{tocdepth}{4}                                  %! was utthesis
> \setcounter{secnumdepth}{4}
> I am using the wthesis.sty file attached. I then compile the document 
> using WinEdt 5.2 and view in YAP as dvips. My problems are these: a) 
> twoside seems to reformat some pages by stretching out the text on an 
> incomplete page so that the whole page is covered; b) more importantly, a 
> twosided document is produced but with the same page layout as a onesided 
> document i.e. after binding every other page will be too close to the 
> spine. What I thought twoside would do is invert the page layout for every 
> other page so that the margin for odd or even would be the same. I can get 
> around this problem by putting the text in the centre of the page but this 
> is unsatisfactory as the graduate school require a constant margin. I 
> think the problem may have something to do with the following code for the 
> ..sty file attached, but I don't know enough about it to recitify: 
> %%%
> %%% Set up page layout parameters.
> %%%
> \setlength{\textheight}{8in}
> \setlength{\oddsidemargin}{0.7in}
> \setlength{\evensidemargin}{0.7in}
> \setlength{\textwidth}{5.50in}
> \setlength{\topmargin}{0.5in}
> \setlength{\headheight}{0in}
> \setlength{\headsep}{0in}
> \setlength{\parindent}{12mm}
> Can you help me?
> Many Thanks
> Tom
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