[texhax] Why am I getting Half a Circle?

Robert Sherry rsherry8 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 19 13:10:00 CEST 2003

     I am trying to use PSTricks to draw graphs and trees. However, it does
not seem to be working. Please consider the following LaTeX file:

       % define the title
       \rput(0,0) { \circlenode{t1}{$x$}}
       \rput(1,0) { \circlenode{t2}{$2$}}
       \rput(2,0) { \circlenode{t3}{$3$}}
       \rput(3,0) { \circlenode{t4}{$4$}}
       \rput(4.0,0) { \circlenode{t5}{$5$}}
       \end{pspicture} \]
       More text.

When I run this through LaTeX and view the generated output file the circles
drawn are not complete. The middle three appear as two arcs. Could somebody
please tell me what I am doing wrong?

I thank the group in advance for their responses.

                                          Robert Sherry

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