[texhax] the hyperref package

Alexandre Goes da Cruz alexandre at coep.ufrj.br
Mon Aug 18 16:44:22 CEST 2003

I am writing for you because i have a trouble with the package hyperref.

I need to create a PDF with hyper links and what happens it this:

I did the following steps:
1) put the this code below in the main code.

  \usepackage [ps2pdf,backref,colorlinks=true, bookmarksopen=true]
    pdftitle             = {Controle Híbrido de Swing-Up do Pêndulo
Invertido Baseado em Funções de Energia},
    pdfauthor         = {Alexandre Goes da Cruz},
    pdfsubject       = {Projeto Final -- Departamento de Eletrônica --
    pdfkeywords   = {Controle Híbrido, Swing-Up, Funções de Energia,
    bookmarksnumbered = {true}

I took care to put no package after the hyperref to avoid redefine the

2) compile this main code with the unix comand:

%latex main_code.tex

to genetate a dvi file.

3) compile twice to crossreference works well
4) run this unix comand:

%makeindex  -s  MakeIndexStyleFile.ist  main_code.idx

5) compile the main code to LaTeX put the index
6) run the following comand:

%dvips main_code.dvi

7) run the comand:

%ps2pdf main_code.ps

The PDF file created has no table of contents, list of figures, list of
tables, and index. The hyperlinks are right and work well.
The list in the menu FILE:DOCUMENT INFO:GENERAL in the acroread program
shows the items right.

When i comment the hyperref code in the text, the comands
           \printindex        work well.

I do not know what to do to solve this problem with the sumary. Do you
know what is going on?

Thank You Very Much for your attention

Alexandre Goes da Cruz
        Eletric and Eletronic Engeneering Department
        University of Brasil
        Rio de Janeiro  -  R.J.

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