[texhax] dvips questions

Vick Galvan vickarl at skat.usc.edu
Sun Aug 17 21:02:31 CEST 2003

i am new to tex and am installing it for the first time.  i used the tetex
2.0.2 distribution and installing on SunOS 5.9.  tetex has dvipsk 5.92a

1:  how do i set up 'dvips' to output to a file by default (instead of
going to a printer) without specifing the "-o" option?
    e.g.  running 'dvips presentation.dv' will generate "presentation.ps"

2:  for some reason the person who installed the original web2c 3.1415
(with dvipsk 5.58f) set up the config.<printer> files on a different
directory altogether than the texmf tree (or the entire tex directory).  i
would ask him what he did to accomplish this (or how), but he is no longer
around.  can you think of any reason why the config.<printer> files can't
be on a mounted read-only network directory?  also, which preferences file
tells dvips where to look for the config.<printers> file?
	tex is fully installed (with texmf) at "/usr/usc/tex/3.1415",
which is a ro mounted volume on a different machine
	config.<printers> is at "/usr/local/conf/tex/3.1415/config" on the
local host.

Vick Galvan
ISD Unix Software Installs
University of Southern California

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