[texhax] \textwidth and \linewidth

Carsten Balleier balleier at physics.utoronto.ca
Thu Aug 14 16:55:44 CEST 2003

Helmut: Thanks for the hint ... but unfortunately the world isn't that easy.

The same happens with latex/dvips, too. To avoid chasing phantoms, I've
The 1in-rule is as long as it's supposed to be. The \linewidth rule is
as long as a line in main text, about 5.1in. The \textwidth exceeds the
main text by a certain amount.
But this isn't true for all parts of the document. E.g., the index is
wider than the main text.

Does anyone have an idea? Does anyone know the internals of the article
class and TeX well enough to explain this?

Hartmut Henkel schrieb:
> On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Carsten Balleier wrote:
>>I'm trying to typeset a document (article class) with given layout
>>parameters. Here my preamble (using letterpaper):
>>I've also tried the geometry and typearea packages with equivalent
>>parameters. But in all cases, the typeset/printed lines were shorter
>>than 5.8". Even in normal text (no environment), \linewidth is shorter
>>than \textwidth. Going the brutal way and changing \linewidth directly
>>affected (as expected) list and quote environments, but didn't change
>>the width of the main text. Checking the file article.cls, I found out
>>that it doesn't refer anywhere to \linewidth.
>>Therefore: can anyone tell me
>>1. how to specify a precise linewidth for the main text?
>>2. Or at least, which length is responsible for the width of the main
>>	text in article class, if neither \text- nor \linewidth?
>>I'm using teTeX as distributed with SuSE.
>>Thanks for any hints,
> You are producing PDF? And you are viewing with Acroread? Have you
> accidentally ticked the button "fit to page" in Acroread's setup menu?
> If you are using dvipdfm, there is a -m parameter, which almost always
> defaults to 1, But if this would be smaller, your pages would be
> shrinked. But forget this point. Most liekly it's your Acroread...
> Best Regards
> Hartmut
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