[texhax] not including TOC

Aaron Ceglar ceglar at infoeng.flinders.edu.au
Sat Aug 9 18:12:41 CEST 2003

Help Please

The error message is :

"Package hyperref Warning:old toc file detected,not used;run Latex again." 
(repeated for lof and lot)

This results in TOC etc being excluded from the final document. Note that 
*.toc does exist and contains the correct information, also its timestamp 
is in sync with the other auxiliary files required.

The document is comprised of about seven files, there are no other warnings 
or errors.

I've done the usual searching to no avail.

Any idea's ?

Aaron Ceglar
School of Science & Engineering
Flinders University

Rm: IST321
Ph: (616) 08201 2901 

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