[texhax] Vietnamese/English, ViệtTUG, TeX and Chemestry

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Fri Aug 8 09:45:49 CEST 2003


    My younger sister is a chemical teacher,
    and I am try to help her editing the documents
    in LaTeX. The problem is: it's hard to create
    the images in LaTeX.

    Do you know any drawing tools that support
    or  PS-epxort?

there are several packages on ctan (the comprehensive tex
archive network) for creating chemical structural diagrams
directly within latex.  go to
and enter "chemical" as a keyword.

i have seen articles about these:
 - xymtex
 - ppchtex
although i am not a chemist, the results looked competent.
(i encountered the packages when articles were submitted
to tugboat, of which i am editor.)  there are a couple of
other packages that also appear to be worth a quick look.
perhaps your sister would find one of these useful.

    The last thing is,
    I would like to say
    I am sorry about my English

well, don't be, please.  it's much better than any effort
i could make at communicating in vietnamese.
							-- bb

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