[texhax] question for TeX wizards

piero pieru pier0pieru at yahoo.it
Tue Aug 5 12:18:50 CEST 2003

Hi all, my excuses for using a disposable e-mail
address as an anti-spam measure. If in your experience
this is not necessary, please let me know and I'll use
my true address. Here is my question:

- the primitive \endlinechar allows to replace the
character 13 with any other token character, and
that's fine. What I need is a way to insert a macro at
each end of line in the source. It is easy to do it at
each new paragraph, using \everypar{\mymacro}, and it
works perfectly. But how to do the same at each end of
line in the source?

Thank you for the attention in any case. 

Piero D'Ancona

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