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We use perl connect to MS SQL Server database, retrieve the required
information through SQL, and output LaTeX using a combination LaTeX
templates for headers, footers, etc., and outputting the body information
through perl. We're currently outputting parts catalogs using this
technique, and it has proven to be reliable and very fast, almost to the
point that parts catalogs can be requested though a web interface on demand.
This technique doesn't do it with "a few commands", I dont' know of any
techniques that will allow this.


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I'm facing the following problem. An association has about 700 members and
keeps information about them (name, address, language skills, hobbies,...)
in a database. Once a year this association wants to produce a book with
all this information, to be published and distributed to the members.

How can this be done in an efficient way? Does anyone know of some sort of
interface between a database (which format??) and (La)TeX, so that with a
few commands the relevant data gets extracted from the database and turned
into a file that (La)TeX can process?

Thanks for your help!

Peter Kravanja
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