Euro symbol in LaTeX

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at
Wed Jan 9 14:20:03 CET 2002

> What is the best way to incorporate the euro symbol, =80, into latex=
>  documents?

for a start, don't try using a feelthy m$ encoding for it (=80,
above).  this abomination for a character code (i don't know which
code page it appears in) doesn't yet figure in any of the latex
inputenc definition files.  the euro does appear in the latin9 (iso/iec
8859-15) character set, and that is properly covered in inputenc.

you've had two suggestions so far: to use the eurofont package, and to
use a rather nasty looking macro-coded overstrike combination.  i
would advise against both.

i worked rather hard to produce

which explains why i don't like eurofont, and makes positive
recommendations as to how you should proceed.

(the faq answer doesn't deal with =80 or with the macro solution,
since both have popped up in my ken within the last week or so and i
have a reorganisation in hand which discourages me from putting up
interim versions of the faq.)

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