Jan-Martin Wagner jmartin at
Wed Jan 9 10:00:36 CET 2002

Have you already tried "psnup -4 <infile> <outfile>"?
Have you succeeded with a 2-up command without "eating"
something, and then applying it twice?
For 2-up, I use the follwing pstops command (adjusted for A4 paper):
pstops 2:0L at .7\(21cm,0\)+1L at .7\(21cm,14.85cm\) <infile> <outfile>
If you want to make it 4-up, use something like 
pstops 4:0 at .5\(<shift_x>,<shift_y>)+1@ [etc.]
up to +3 at .5[as before] - ok?
Good luck!

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