formatting a booklet with passage numbers on the margins

Andreas Hadjiprocopis livantes at
Tue Jan 8 18:10:17 CET 2002

Hi all,
2 problems:
1) i would like to format something like, say, the bible, or ancient greek
texts where you have the passage number. So I will have a paragraph 
and on the right margin (or left margin if it is an odd/even page)
would like to have at the height=middle of paragraph a number printed


 PARAGRAPH>      <This is the Right margin>
para pa apapapa 
apapapa ap ap a
apapa pa ap p p  <PASSAGE_NUMBER GOES HERE>
apap apa pa paa

I tried to do it with marginpar but ... it is float and moves up and down.
any idea on that?

this is not much latex but rather postscript
Would like to print that into A4, 4 pages on one side of A4, 4 pages on
the other side. so that i fold it in four and then bind it, just like
I tried pstops and psbook
BUT: it seems that it 'eats' the top of my pages (all 4 of them)
I used a scaling of 0.48
To cut the short story long, is there a pointer to doing that because i
check the net but they have only 2up and pstops options are so cryptic.
thanks in advance, and sorry for the trouble


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