A change of direction for TeXhax

David Osborne texhax-admin at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Jan 1 23:07:27 CET 2002

Happy New Year to all TeXhax subscribers.

As it has been several months since the last item was posted to TeXhax,
the start of a new year seems a good time to make a change in the way in
which TeXhax operates. For many years, TeXhax has operated as a digest:
questions posted to it accumulated into monthly (or less frequent)
digests which are circulated to the subscribers, with responses to the
questions becoming part of the next digest, and so on. This does
introduce a delay before questions are answered, which, as the quantity
of postings has dropped, seems to have become self-reinforcing, further
discouraging use of the list.

As an experiment, I plan to remove this delay and circulate questions
and answers immediately to all subscribers. TeXhax will then operate as
a normal mailing list, though with the option of continuing to receive
it in digest format. The digests will continue to be available in the
usual locations and archives. You can change your subscription settings
via the Mailman web interface at

You will need your list password before making changes but, if you have
forgotten it, you can request that your password be mailed to you via
the above web page. If you have any questions or requests please contact
me at texhax-admin at nottingham.ac.uk

I hope that this change will make TeXhax more responsive to the needs of
its subscribers and encourage you to make use of it as a place to ask
and answer questions and make announcements on all TeX-related matters.

With best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2002

David Osborne
University of Nottingham
-- TeXhax maintainer

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