amsbook class question

Eric Zaslow zaslow at
Wed Jan 10 13:18:15 CET 2001

Dear TexHax people,

I have a question about the amsbook class.
Upon TeX'ing, it (LaTeX2e) doesn't recognize the "\cal"
font, despite the fact that I've loaded fonts
and have no problems TeX'ing in other classes.

In addition, I get the error

     ! Improper \spacefactor.
     \@addpunct #1->\ifnum \spacefactor
                                   >\@m \else #1\fi
     l.66 \maketitle

for the title page.

These problems may stem from the lack of documentation
for this class.  Is there any on-line documentation (or
otherwise) for the amsbook class (aside from the files
from the AMS site)?  I would like to gain some self-sufficiency,
as I'm sure to have further problems down the road.

Thanks for any help,

-Eric Zaslow

p.s.  Send responses to zaslow at

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