[tex4ht] Double headings in table of contents

Lorenzo Di Gregorio lorenzo.digregorio at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 10:22:32 CEST 2021


I see many (not all) entries of my TOC in HTML as duplicated.  The elements

<span class="subsectionToc">1.1.1 <a href="#x1-260001"
id="QQ2-1-65">Undisclosed text</a></span>

<span class="subsectionToc"><a href="#Q1-1-66">1.1.1
Undisclosed text</a></span>

of course I don't see this in pdfLaTeX.

I'm working on a rather complex setting including some confidential
content, so I can't produce a MVE, but perhaps the id names mean something
to you and you can spot a known pathology and post some hints at how to
troubleshoot and fix the issue?

Best Regards,
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