[tex4ht] Can’t find/open file ‘xxx.dvi’ or ‘xxx.lg’

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I used the source attached to the annex, or you can download it from https://arxiv.org/format/2104.03341.
the command I use is "./tex4ebook -f epub3 draft.tex". since i never used lua before, I don't know how to configure the location of tex4ebook(I tried adding package.path='/usr/local/lib/lua/5.2/?.lua;/home/amo/epub/tex4ebook/?.lua;' to tex4ebook, which didn't work), make4ht, and luaxml. So I just copy the source code of make4ht and luaxml to tex4ebook, and untar the arxiv source in tex4ebook. This is not elegant, but it's what I could finish for now. For texlive, mk4ht, htlatex I installed them by sudo apt-get.

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>hello, I got this error when i try to use tex4ebook to convert arxiv 
>paper source to epub.
>I found a solution in https://www.tug.org/tex4ht/doc/mn3.html, which sugget install htcmd.c. But I could not find htcmd, could you give me some advice? by the way my system is ubuntu14.
>Morever, when i use tex4ebook to convert some sigle tex file, it worked. And it didn't produce dvi too.

Can you point me to the file that causes that error? And also exact 
command line options you used for tex4ebook? Do you use TeX Live shipped 
with Ubuntu? It seems like quite old version.

Best regards,
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