[tex4ht] graphics Images no longer resize in TL 2015 with tex4ht, need help finding why

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 20:46:14 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I am back from vacation :)

>> If it did so once, surely we can make it do so again.  Michal?
>> Unfortunately I can't begin to guess which change made it fail.

The problem is in the .cfg file, I am not sure why it showed only in
current TL. If you look at generated html, you can see for instance


The issue with division in \CalcRem:

\newcommand\CalcRem[1]{\strip at pt\dimexpr(#1)/\emwidth}

\emwidth is being set to \f at size, which is in this case 10.95pt. 10 is
used in division and .95 is appended to the result, which leads to
incorrect numbers such as 6.14333.95. While it may be possible to
involve some macro to round the \emwidth, it is easier to define it
directly with desired value:


> I know the earlier setup used to work. (else my whole document was
> wrong) But the new setup works, and I verified it.
> one just needs to make .eps file in addition.

it seems little bit overcomplicated to me :)

> Tex4ht and Latex is all magic to me. Sometimes something
> works and sometimes does not work, and I have no idea what I
> have changed and what happened to cause this, so that is why I try
> to write every single configuration step I do in my cheat
> sheet, just in case.

It is really good that you complete such instructions, so we have some
more documentation.


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