[tex4ht] [bug #205] problem with htlatex and KOMA-Script

Sergey Poznyakoff puszcza-hackers at gnu.org.ua
Fri Feb 14 12:15:57 CET 2014

Dear colleagues,

For some reason, quite a few mails related to tex4ht are sent to address
<puszcza-hackers at gnu.org.ua>.  As an example, the recent mail from
Michal Hoftich had in its headers:

   To: Mathias Magdowski <puszcza-hackers at gnu.org.ua>

which is wrong, because Mathias' email is <mathias.magdowski at ovgu.de>.

Note that the address <puszcza-hackers at gnu.org.ua> is not related to
tex4ht or any particular project hosted on Puszcza.  Instead, it deals
with problems/questions/requests related to general administration of
the forge.  Please update your mail aliases accordingly.

Thanks for your understanding.

Kind regards,

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