[tex4ht] How to insert HTML code at any location in the generated HTML file?

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Wed Jul 10 13:32:42 CEST 2013

On 7/10/2013 6:14 AM, Michal Hoftich wrote:
> Correct way is to not insert any HTML code to the document, but
> instead redefine ordinary LaTeX commands to insert html codes in .4ht
> files.
> If you really want to insert HTML code directly, you can define
> command which will eat arguments in normally LaTeX run and insert
> \HCode with tex4ht. Like this (untested, just an idea):
> \documentclass{article}
> \ifdefined\HCode
> \newcommand\html[1]{%
> \HCode{#1}%
> }%
> \else
> \newcommand\html[1]{}%
> \fi
> \begin{document}
> \html{<div class="hello>world</div>}
> \end{document}
> Regards,
> Michal

Thanks. I know the above. But it does not work for large
amount of code, it gives the error I posted.

As I mentioned, this is an old tex file, which contains large
amount of raw HTML code which was processed in latex2html.

I would not do that today, but that is how the tex file is and
I am trying to compile it with htlatex.

Using your example above, if I add just one extra line to
your example HTML code, it fails:


\html{<div class="hello>world</div>

test  %or any other HTML code

htlatex foo3.tex

Runaway argument?
{<div class="hello>world</div>
! Paragraph ended before \HCode was complete.
<to be read again>
l.13 }

The tex file has pages and pages of raw HTML code inserted in

  pages and pages of HTML code


is it possible to do something like the above in htlatex?


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