[tex4ht] How to get PDF's page numbers in html output?

Herbert Sitz hesitz at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 23:17:34 CET 2011

I'm using TeX4ht to make html versions of documents that are also processed to
pdf. The html is further processed to epub, so there are three versions (1) pdf,
(2) html, and (3) epub.  I would like for viewers of html and epub versions to
be able to correlate their texts with the page number on the "master" pdf 

TeX4ht somehow bypasses the LaTeX header and footer, and no page numbers are 
put into the html generated by TeX4ht.  Is there some way I can set things up 
so that the html I get from TeX4ht has a page number code (e.g., "[*1]", "[*2]",
etc.) inserted into the html output immediately after each page break in the
DVI/PDF document?

Basically, I think, I'm looking for a way to include some special output in the
html file from a page header.  But I don't want the html broken into separate
files, all in single html file.

Herb Sitz
Seattle, WA

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