[tex4ht] Again biblatex

Christian Fearnot fearnot at arcor.de
Tue Oct 18 02:21:19 CEST 2011

Dear all,

I have examined with which versions tex4ht is incompatible with biblatex:

The original problem was that Biblatex 1.6 is incompatible with
biblatex.4ht from 18.9.11 (revision 86)  (if there is \cite in footnotes).
Biblatex 1.0 does NOT work with biblatex.4ht from 18.9.11 and 10.9.11.
Biblatex 1.0 DOES work with biblatex.4ht from 26.9.2010 (that is
probably revision 60) and 31.3.2010.

Biblatex 1.6 does NOT work with biblatex.4ht from 26.9.10.
Biblatex 1.5a DOES work with biblatex.4ht from 26.9.10. So this is what
I use now.

I conclude that the incompatibility came with biblatex.4ht from 10.9.11
(revision 84).


The problem, as Christopher has reported it:

Using the latest version of biblatex and biblatex.4ht (revision 86) the


latex test
bibtex test
latex test
mk4ht oolatex test

the failure message postes by Christian occures again

As Christian wrote the problem seems to be caused by the foonote command

--Minimal example test.tex


--bibfile test.bib
  keywords	  = {primary},
  hyphenation	  = {british},
  author	  = {Aristotle},
  options = {oldauthor},
  editor	  = {Hicks, Robert Drew},
  title		  = {De Anima},
  location	  = {Cambridge},
  date		  = {1907},
  annotation	  = {A \texttt{book} entry with an \texttt{author} and an



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