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Thanks for your comments, Karl. I trust that you and all regarded my comments as supportive. I certainly for one have found that the package can be coerced to work. 

I wonder if some thing could be done to make packages more supportable. Could class files and styles be organized in some very consistent way to allow outsiders to work with them?

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    one of the most complex he has ever examined

I think I can safely say it is *the* most complex :).  The source code
to the engines, for instance, pales in comparison ...

    He is, as an outsider, trying to maintain it

I am trying but (for the record) CVR is able to do much more than me,
thankfully.  We both very much want to be able to put together a new
release and devote more time to it in general.

Thanks to everyone writing about the biblatex-and-footnotes and other
issues.  It definitely helps.

    as a general issue, who will maintain these packages over time, as
    developers lose interest or die?

It's been an issue since day one.  They are free software.  So if
someone cares enough, they can come forward and take them over, perhaps
under a new name.  If no one cares that much, the pkgs will stay out
there as they are.  So it's a self-organizing process ...


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