[tex4ht] Again biblatex

Andrew Goldstone andrew.goldstone at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 18:03:50 CEST 2011

Sounds about right, Paul... my modified biblatex.4ht has

\let\abx at aux@page\@gobbletwo
\let\abx at aux@fnpage\@gobbletwo		% this is the added kludge line
  \def\abx at aux@page#1#2{\blx at addpagesum{#1}{#2}}%
  \def\abx at aux@fnpage#1#2{\blx at addpagesum{#1}{#2}}}

I'd need to spend more time with the sources before I could understand
just what these macros are doing. With this kludge I'm still getting
some odd behavior with tex4ht converting my longer documents into ODT.
I'm trying to track it down. Would very much appreciate thoughts (or
patches) from you or others who understand the code.


On Wed, Oct 05, 2011 at 02:46:18AM +0000, Thompson,Paul wrote:
> Googling, I find:
> \def\abx at aux@fnpage#1#2{\blx at addpagesum{#1}{#2}}
> This also rings a faint bell, but I cannot find other comments about it. I think that it is an asynchronous update.
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> Today I hit the same error with biblatex and tex4ht described in this thread: footnote citation styles produce a "Missing \begin{document}" error in the tex4ht run. Just in case it's some help to the maintainers as they debug, may I mention a kludge which seems to help?
> Noticing that the error had to do with the biblatex package variable \abx at aux@fnpage, I checked to see how biblatex.4ht treats this variable. Answer: not quite analogously to how it treats \abx at aux@page. So I tried simply adding the line
> \let\abx at aux@fnpage\@gobbletwo
> right after biblatex.4ht, l. 170 (this is in the biblatex.4ht in the trunk of the svn repository). Cf. biblatex.sty as well for the handling of this variable.
> Now I can htlatex a test file, with footnote cites, and not get errors during the tex4ht run. The resulting HTML looks correct. Obviously I haven't tested this much, and I do not understand the underlying biblatex or tex4ht code. But maybe this idea will help zero in on the problem.
> Now really I don't want to produce HTML but ODT. oolatex also runs without errors, and produces correct-looking footnotes. But there is a separate bug in oolatex's code for handling the list of references (\printbibliography), which comes out blank. I have some ideas about that, but that's for another thread.
> Best,
> Andrew Goldstone
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