[EXT] Upon installing babel-english, produce a warning if hyphen-english is missing

Philip Taylor (RHBNC) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Mar 29 11:48:40 CET 2024

Al Ma wrote:
[...]“the-o-rem” is the US-English hyphenation, whereas the British hyphenation would have been “the-orem”.
I checked in my two authoritative texts for British word-division (The Oxford Minidictionary of Spelling and Word Division and the New Oxford Spelling Dictionary and both agreed with Al Ma, but the OED was not sufficiently forthcoming w.r.t. the etymology for me to be clear as to why it was "the-" and not "theo-" as one might naïvely surmise.  Eventually I tracked down the following explanation —
There is general agreement that θεωρία (theôría) is a compound noun, whose second member derives from *swer(w)-, an Indo-European root that means ‘to observe, watch, protect’ from which we get Greek ὁράω (cf. Latin servare and vereri, and the English ‘observe’ and ‘warden’).
Thus it is correct in British English to hyphenate"theorem" as "the-orem".
Philip Taylor

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