Annual upgrade

Alois Steindl Alois.Steindl at
Wed Mar 27 19:15:32 CET 2024

just my personal opinion:
the maintainers of TeXLive do their best to make the update as smooth as 
possible - just follow the discussions around new versions in this 
group. I can imagine, that for such a complex system (it should work for 
a range of systems with quite different setups) a fresh install is the 
most secure upgrade path.
Of course, everyone is free to participate in the development and 
contribute a solid upgrade program, which works in all possible setups.
You didn't tell us at all, what precisely went wrong in your case. In my 
quite long experience with all kinds of systems and programs I 
encountered many cases, where the reason for a upgrade failure was a 
minor deviation of my setup; once I spent several months of 
configuration attempts for the network, because I had connected the 
wrong one of the 2 network cards after moving the computer to a 
different room.
With kind regards
Am 27.03.2024 um 00:07 schrieb Patrick Bideault via tex-live:
> Hi.
> To make it short: why wouldn't the TeX Live Manager work like Debian's Advanced
> Packaging Tool, APT? I just have to run "apt-get dist-upgrade" and that's
> it. I really think such a feature would be very useful for the basic users like
> me.
> Please don't be offended by the content of this message. I'm only sharing my
> feelings in the hope of making things better.
> Best regards.
> Patrick Bideault

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