Issue with updmap-sys use of symlinks in cross platform installation

Norbert Preining norbert at
Tue Mar 19 07:44:19 CET 2024

Hi Karl, hi all

> Anyway, I wonder about simply using copy unconditionally. Do we gain
> anything (apart from saving a tiny amount of disk :) by using symlinks?
> I can't see what. Norbert? --thanks, karl.

I don't see a problem with doing copy unconditionally.
These are computer generated and computer read files, and the link does
not carry any further information.
I am fine with copy.

Reinhard wrote:
> symlinks don't only save disk space, in a directory listing they also
> provide useful information.  I'm very glad that bin/x86_64-linux
> doesn't look like bin/windows.

I agree in the case of bin/*-linux, but not in the case of the maps.
What additional information do you obtain that is **useful**?

> It would be great if could check whether bin/windows exists,
> as you already suggested, so that Unix users who don't install

It is just another special case that is not fun. OTOH, dropping the
windows special case would *simplify* the code, which is something I
greatly appreciate.

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