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Norbert Preining norbert at
Mon Mar 18 01:26:51 CET 2024


On Sat, 16 Mar 2024, Paulo Ney de Souza wrote:
> Hi! I woke up today to an offer from Ubuntu to do a security update on my
> TeXLive binaries -- that I do NOT have installed on my machine. I only use
> the TeXLive installation from TUG.

You most probably DO have texlive-binaries installed, type
	dpkg -l texlive-binaries
and if the first two columns are
	ii  texlive-binaries ...
then it is installed, most probably via some dependency.

> I am a bit afraid of clicking yes here and end up with a fresh new
> installation of an old TeXLive. Does anyone here know how and why this got
> triggered?

No, the packages listed are only and some other small binary

Don't worry, either ignore or install, nothing bad should happen.



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