Request for Feature to Convert LaTeX PDF to Editable PowerPoint

SUPRIYA MANDAL anisupriya2002 at
Sun Mar 17 15:41:33 CET 2024

*Dear TexLive Support Team,*

*I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to suggest a new feature
or command that would greatly benefit users who work with LaTeX and
PowerPoint presentations.*

*As you may know, LaTeX is a powerful tool for creating documents and
presentations. However, one limitation is the difficulty in converting
LaTeX-generated PDF files back into editable PowerPoint presentations.
While it is possible to convert PDFs to PowerPoint using various tools, the
resulting slides often lack the original formatting and are not easily

*Therefore, I would like to propose the introduction of a command or
feature in TexLive that allows users to convert LaTeX-generated PDFs into
original PowerPoint presentations that can be viewed and edited using
LibreOffice Impress or other similar software. This feature would greatly
enhance the usability of LaTeX for creating presentations, especially for
those who frequently need to collaborate with others using different

*I believe that such a feature would be a valuable addition to TexLive and
would greatly benefit the LaTeX community. Thank you for considering my
suggestion, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.*

*Thanking you,*

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