Package svg missing dependencies in texlive.tlpdb

Karl Berry karl at
Wed Mar 13 22:31:19 CET 2024

Hi Michael - in addition to Norbert's answer ...

    there are no 'depends' to those listed in here [2].

We rely on package authors to tell us about dependencies.
There's no feasible way to automatically determine them.

     > ! LaTeX Error: File `trimspaces.sty' not found.

I added these deps: trimspaces graphics iftex pdftexcmds tools koma-script.

Aside: I am surprised that svg unconditionally depends on scrbase, but
fine, just blindly taking what I see in svg.sty.

     > ! LaTeX Error: File `transparent.sty' not found.

transparent is apparently loaded only conditionally. It has seemed to
best to list only unconditional dependencies, for the sake of people who
don't exercise the various options, engines, etc., that can pull in
additional packages.

    I still would prefer proper dependency management.

As would we all, but the only way I know to achieve it in the TeX world
is to dynamically install packages when they are loaded, as MiKTeX does.
Not a trivial job, and no one has come forward to dig into it. --best, karl.

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